This week ….

WMD High Score 56

….want to get to 60+, also need to learn a few cubes for level 5!

  • It’s World Maths Day on 6th March, which is actually a 48 hour period whilst it is 6th March somewhere in the world, you can check the times here. Registration is still possible as I write this but will close very soon I am sure. Make sure that your students are familiar with the rulesfor World Maths Day the scores from 50 games, 10 at each of the 5 levels will count towards their total score though students can play as many games as they want to. The same login details will also be valid for World Literacy Day on 5th March and World Science Day on 7th March.
  • Talking of literacy, we should not underestimate the importance of vocabulary in Mathematics, there are some excellent resources online to help students with important terms, I have written a section for students here, Jenny Eather’s dictionary and the glossary for teachers, also the Mathisfun dictionary are all very useful resources. I often use these in class for key terms.
  • Still on the literacy theme, it’s World Book Day on 7th March. There are many free Maths books online as you will discover with a little searching, see these for example. A couple of free books I have mentioned before but I think are worth another mention: ‘Street Fighting Mathematics‘ by Sanjoy Mahajan, with the excellent sub-title ‘The Art of Educated Guessing and Opportunistic Problem Solving’ (note the link on the left to the free Creative Commons edition under Essential Info). Another free book is a complete GCSE text from Clear Creative Learning, don’t be put off by the 2007 date – this is still useful, note the link to download a free pdf.
    …and you could always write your own!
    7S Learn Algebra

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