Rich Tasks

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Rich Questions – my post on resources which give questions requiring higher order thinking skills.

Nrich has extensive resources. Jennifer Piggot has written an article on Integrating Rich Tasks, this includes a complete series of professional development resources designed to support teachers to integrate rich tasks into classroom practice. Their curriculum mapping documents provide a helpful way for teachers to find resources. Also note the Nrich Packages, these include a set of tasks on working systematically and the Nrich poster collection (scroll down to the bottom of the poster collection page to download the collection as a PowerPoint presentation).

The Nuffield AMP Investigations are designed to teach and assess key mathematical processes. Each task has detailed teacher notes.

New Bowland shorter assessment tasks include worksheets, notes and an optional presentation in three different formats, Word, pdf or PowerPoint.

From AQA comes an outstanding resource, ‘Problem Solving Questions’. The teachers guide includes indices by topic and also by process.
(Direct links to the guide and solutions.)

From OCR see Investigations for GCSE Mathematics, their A03 Guide and an excellent problem solving pack with tasks designed to encourage students to explore different mathematical approaches to a new problem.

Jon Stratford’s Rich Maths Tasks site has extensive resources, note the Key Processes under Pedagogy includes cards to download in pupil speak.

The National Strategies archive includes several problems to develop mathematical processes and applications. Teachers’ notes and all resources are provided.

For older students (16+) try Jonny Griffiths’ RISPS (Rich Starting Points). Note he also has a companion Statistics site and Carom-Maths -activities to bridge the gap between A Level and University