Mathematical Miscellany #57


Dr Austin Maths – Number, Ratio

My Ratio post features many activities and resources for teaching and learning ratio and proportion. This has been updated with some recent new resources including Amanda Austin’s always excellent resources and a really helpful Teacher Training pack from AQA. Also included in this post is a link to my post on bar modelling which is ideal for visualising ratio problems.

Don Steward – translating English to algebra, expressions

Spoken language is so important in students’ development, the KS3 Programme of Study quite righly stresses the importance of spoken and written language. Both spoken and written  language and notation are key; added to this Proof post, Don Steward’s translating English to algebra, expressions; see also translating English to algebra, relationships.

Added to Mathematics for Science is AQA’s teacher training pack, Maths in Science.

AQA Teacher Training Pack – Maths in Science

Included in the Activities booklet you will find examples for discussion, AQA suggest:

For each of the examples on pages 6–10 of the Activities booklet, discuss:

  • approaches you could use to help students to be able to access these types of questions
  • how this approach might be different in maths lessons
  • whether there any other differences between the two departments.
AQA Teacher Training – Maths in Science

Tim Brzezinski – Trig Reference Circle: Choose Your Own Radius

I have seen so many useful links for GeoGebra recently, including:

On Sarah Carter’s Math=Love site, you will find a wonderful collection of puzzles. The collection is helpfully indexed into several categories including Puzzles Related to Math Content and Number Related ChallengesSarah’s collection is included in my Puzzles and Games series of pages inder Collections.

For the Shared Factors puzzle illustrated here, John Golden created this GeoGebra version, Quadratic Puzzle.

John Golden – Quadratic Puzzle on GeoGebra

Sarah Carter has been inspiring some excellent GeoGebra resources! See also her Colour Square puzzle and GeoGebra resource from Duane Habecker.