Colleen Young BSc MSc MCIEA

BSc Mathematics and Management Science – University of Manchester
MSc Mathematical, Statistical and Computing Education – London University Institute of Education
Member of the Chartered Institute of Educational Assessors
Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor

2009-2011 – SSAT Innovation Fellow

Experienced teacher and trainer in Mathematics and IT with a keen interest in how new technologies can deepen the learning experience for students.

My aim here is to share the many amazing free resources I find and use in my own classroom.
See also, my companion blog, Mathematics for Students

Member of the AQA Mathematics Expert Panel

Twitter: @ColleenYoung


Email: colleenatcolleenyoungdotcodotuk     (replace with symbols)

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  1. This blog is so helpful, it is evident that you must be a very good teacher, your students are very lucky!

  2. Hello Colleen – like your good self I believe there should be greater emphasis on the teaching of maths in our state educational system. I am also of the opinion that kids are not taught how to use scientific calculators effectively. As a retired university lecturer, my first year tutorials were spent on Calculator Lessons – making effective use of a Casio calculator. Trying to teach the importance of numbers to my students was not an easy task – even when they were pursuing technology degree courses. Very few of them believed me when I told them that maths is like sex and money – you can’t have too much of it.

    • Allen I do agree that students do not always use their calculators effectively. Something else I have noticed is that they reach for them too quickly to do the simplest calculations – and then get the wrong answer!

  3. Your website shows how professional educators like me should push the envelope in mathematics instruction. This website is a proof of your expertise in mathematics education. Thank you for sharing it to the world

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