Mathematical Miscellany #83

Matt Woodfine has been busy with his brilliant Maths White Board site; you can now upload and annotate pdf files which is so useful. I find this works very well indeed; pens work well, and we can also use a protractor and compass.

…and thank you for the highlighters, Matt!

If you have not used Maths White Board much and want more information, Matt Woodfine advised trying his “2 min Tuesday” videos for ideas on which features you would like to implement first. Main Tutorial video.

We are so fortunate in Maths to have so many great resources – you can also use Jake Gordon’s Infinity Whiteboard to upload and annotate pdf files, or Math Whiteboard.

Legacy papers can still be such a useful source of questions, I have used many legacy papers from MEI, for example, M3 papers have many great questions on Dimensional Analysis for Further Maths, and there used to be a paper on Differential Equations. Select this link for all legacy units OCR MEI. There are many excellent Decision Maths questions available in the legacy papers. One topic I do miss teaching and is logic which I taught for many years on MEI’s D2 paper.

Does anyone recall Boris Johnson’s 2004 statement, made during the BBC’s light-hearted news quiz show Have I Got News for You, “I could not fail to disagree with you less.” ? I remember hearing it on the radio whilst driving to school and correctly predicting it would turn up in a D2 logic question on an MEI A Level Further Maths paper!

MEI Decision Maths 2 June 2008

From Cabri, their new Geometry app is available for Windows and OSX, a Primary version is also available. Check the Cabri Express Guide to get started.

I have been adding further resources to GCSE Revision 2023, the latest additions come from BBC Bitesize and from Dave Taylor:

On BBC Bitesize you will find GCSE Maths – exam practice, 5 quizzes of 10 questions each, with fully worked solutions.

Also from Bitesize, try these GCSE maths – quick-fire quizzes, each quiz has 10 quick-fire questions that should take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete. You can take the quiz again and answer a new set of questions. Answers are all explained.

BBC Bitesize quick-fire quizzes

From Dave Taylor, we have these very useful GCSE Higher Revision Booklets for OCR.

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