Mathematical Miscellany #61


From Matt Woodfine on Maths White Board revision cards and online tests are now available.

Looking at the latest newsletter from Chris Smith, (highly recommended), I see he mentions Stella’s Stunners, this is an excellent site, I featured it in my post on Proof, it has so many excellent resources.

Stella’s Stunners

Stella’s Stunners is a library of more than 700 Non-Routine Mathematics Problems for Middle and High School Students; these problems certainly encourage mathematical thinking. You can filter the problems to narrow your search and usefully create a pdf document of your chosen problems. Perhaps try Symbol Pushing or Logic. Try the Introductory Problem Set which consists of twenty problems designed to show you how to use the problem library. A comprehensive user guide is available.

I’ll be keeping my Advent and Christmas pages updated – here’s another to add from STEM Learning.

If you have just a few minutes, then why not try a Maths in a minute article from Plus Magazine. A recent article by Kate Stansfield is on Maths and music. If this is a subject that interests you and you have more minutes, you can find a whole collection of articles exploring Maths and Music. The article in the Maths in a minute series includes a discussion on why some pairs of notes sound “nice” to us.

We could hear some different intervals on WolframAlpha which will also give you the pitch difference between the two notes.

Additional information includes the frequencies of each note, you can also find related musical queries. I spent rather longer than a minute on this, particularly having discovered other Music examples on WolframAlpha! You can get information on songs and artists, audio waveforms, and musical instruments as well as Music Theory.

Maths in a minute reminded me of The Mathematical Moments site which features many downloadable pdfs, posters that show the role that Mathematics plays in Science, Technology and Human Culture. A short or more detailed version of each poster is available and a search is provided. This is included in my post on Posters.

Mathematical Moments - Sticking the Landing

Continuing with the theme of Maths in minutes, From Pearson Qualifications, try Tea Break Training, these short videos which offer targeted professional development training on teaching strategies, content areas and support for GCSE Maths.

If you are preparing students for STEP examinations, have a look at this webinar from Nrich which In this webinar Claire explains how STEP questions can be used to help students prepare for a University Maths degree and demonstrates the resources available on the STEP Support Programme. ( This has been added to the University Admissions Tests page which includes many resources for students aiming at high A level grades.