Games again…

Nrich - Estimating Angles

Nrich – Estimating Angles

I have I have been very happily distracted playing mathematical games today! It all started when I wanted to find a good resource for estimating angles which Year 7 will be studying this week. My favourite is this from Nrich. I like the incentive of scoring more points for greater accuracy and the fact that like all Nrich games there is an option to display full screen which is excellent for the interactive whiteboard.

This in turn reminded me that I wanted to do a little housekeeping on my Maths Games blog – which is basically just a collection of favourites – many from Nrich.

Find the Factors - Iva Sallay

Find the Factors – Iva Sallay

This is still a work in progress but I have removed outdated links and reorganised pages. I have added a Geometry page for example to remind me about the angle estimation interactive from Nrich. 

I discovered Iva Sallay’s rather nice Find the Factors puzzles not long ago so added a post on that and also included it on the Puzzles Page. Note the other favourites there – I do like the Set Game which is still published every day in The New York Times.

C1 Revision Resource - TES

C1 Revision Resource – TES

A games format always makes a change for revision. Have a look at this rather nice resource on TES for C1 revision (C1 is the first module on the UK A Level qualification – age 16-18). This uses Mark E Damon’s template which could easily be adapted for other topics.

There are some games templates available from the links below for those of you who may wish to create your own resources.

PowerPoint Games – from

Game Templates  (note that these are free for non-commercial use – see About).

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  1. Colleen, I discovered your blog after listening to an interview you did on the TES Maths podcast. Your blog is an amazing collection of some of the internet’s best math resources. I am always excited when you post something new because I know it will be great. Thanks for sharing all of your awesome content with us!

  2. Reblogged this on Find the Factors and commented:
    It turns out that the is actually part of the mathematics, Learning blog. (I would have known that if I had looked at my reader before I looked at my stats.) Anyway this blog is another great resource for teachers, parents, and lovers of mathematics.

  3. Brilliant post, thanks. One day last year anew exam, or possibly a trip, meant my colleague and I were left with three pupils each in a class. We put them head to head on estimating angles. It was awesome!

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