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STEM LearningSTEM Learning hosts hundreds of Mathematics resources, (resister free here). Try exploring the extensive collection of Mathematics resources.

I’ll mention just a few here; these are resources I found of particular interest for my own teaching.

By Susan Wall, this collection of resources on Active A-Level Mathematics is excellent, I have used several of Susan’s activities very successfully in the classroom; I do like Thinking Questionsopen–ended questions which should certainly make your students do just that – really think. (Added to Rich Questions).

From MEI the MEI GCSE Mathematics Extension Materials are aimed at students who are working towards GCSE Mathematics and would benefit from exposure to mathematics beyond the GCSE specifications. There are many excellent ideas here which encourage students to explore concepts. In fact some of these activities would be a useful introduction for older students.

GAIM Investigation

GAIM Investigation 1

The Graded Assessment in Mathematics (GAIM) resources includes a wonderful collection of 80 activities for investigations and problem solving with  accompanying teachers notes.

The collection from the Royal Academy of Engineering includes high quality Mathematics for Engineering Exemplars, for example a look at Formula One Race Strategy. It strikes me that these materials would be useful for many students as they develop literacy as well as mathematics. Notes and solutions are provided.

cre8ate digital design

cre8ate digital design – working with photos

The cre8ate maths project features resources applying maths to key areas of the economy focussing on functional mathematics skills. Digital Design for example includes a ‘Working with Photos’ activity to help students understand enlargement.

The complete, superb collection of Improving Learning in Mathematics materials is hosted here. (See this page for associated resources for this collection).

The Durham Maths Mysteries are activities based on cards with statements about the area of mathematics being covered. Students then have to use reasoning to decide how to tackle the the task.

Now here’s a collection I am delighted to find, we used to use the New National Curriculum Mathematics from Nelson Thornes, how useful to have the set available electronically, there are some great problems amongst these pages! Now I can project them on the IWB. The set includes the A/A* book aimed at able students. I was always particularly fond of the problem solving exercise in Book 6! (See Number, Problem Solving, Exercise 1:1); Book 6 also has some rather good exercises on Equations in the Algebra section).

So much to explore, so many lovely collections! A couple more that caught my eye – Nuffield’s Making Sense of Data with its emphasis on analysis and interpretation and Decision Mathematics from the OR Society.

This post took a seriously long time to write as I came upon so many resources I know will be useful in my teaching! I have added a copy of the post to the resources section so it can easily be found again in future.

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