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One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one on online whiteboards which I keep updated. Note with Screenr now retired as you will see in the updated post, Screencastomatic will allow you to achieve the same result as seen here – easily create a screencast and upload to YouTube.

This was part of some feedback on a homework task (Tethered Goat – see nrich version here).

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    • Yes indeed I am Cuesta – I would not be without my graphics tablet – it is the only way to easily hand write like that – just not possible with a mouse! It’s just a small one I use from Wacom. I like the natural feel of it – not just for hand writing but all other work – including lots of Excel – more precision and less wrist strain!

      Note my update to the original online whiteboards post, where I have commented on the use of my tablet.

  1. Hi, This is awesome!!! As a retired math teacher & Technology Director for 33 years, I’m constantly blown away at the wonderful tools that educators and students have at their disposal.

    …and I thought I was innovative, when I began allowing students to use calculators in class back in the ’70s…;-)

    This is a fabulous blog and resource for teachers. I’ll be sure to mention it and link to it from my blog. Thanks…Lee

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