Number Properties

For information on properties of a number enter your number into this Number Gossip site from Tanya Khovanova.

Looking at the various properties given we see that one property given is whether a number is happy. Happy Numbers makes a great investigation for students – they see the value in being systematic and recording their findings carefully as careful recording can save them much work as they develop the investigation. (The Happy Numbers starter above comes the Starter of the Day site. from Transum Software.)

A site some of my students like is Amazing Number Facts from Madras College.

See the old MAA NumberADay blog for many interesting number posts.

See also What’s Special About this Number? at Erich’s Place.


Wallwisher - quadrilaterals

I have written about Wallwisher before – it’s a great way to collect feedback from students or perhaps for them to create a ‘revision wall’ with key facts for a topic. (Note that Wallwisher walls can be a little slow to load).

It struck me recently that it is a very simple way for teachers to create a matching type exercise.
See for example Quadrilaterals – properties.

Only the wall owner can move sticky notes around so this could be used in the classroom as a starter once logged in to Wallwisher. 

Another possibility – move the sticky notes to solve the equations.

Some student thoughts on Wallwisher – on a wall of course! 

Further information and links on Wallwisher.


From the Verizon Foundation comes the website: Thinkfinity.

It is possible to search all the resources on the site, one could search for Algebra resources for all grades for example.

A useful Interactive for teaching probability is Marble Mania which is from Science Netlinks,

Many of  the Mathematics Interactives are from Illuminations, the search tool is useful for looking for resources for particular topics; see this selection on Polygons for example. Thinkfinity’s content partners are detailed here.