Wordle – create word clouds

Today I showed Year 7 (11-12 year olds) Wordle.

I asked them for all the words they could think of to do with fractions and typed them into Wordle  – they were most impressed. They decided we should create a poster for each topic.

Image from http://www.wordle.net/ 

See also this post on creating phrases in Wordle and for further details of  Wordle and examples of classroom use – see this page on the Digital Tools blog.

That Quiz

Today I was reminded once again of the benefits of being a member of various Diigo groups as a fellow group member recommended a site I have not come across before. That Quiz is simple but effective – all free and no adverts.

Quizzes are available on a variety of topics, teachers can register and add classes if they wish. It took me moments to create an assignment for my Year 7 class on directed numbers.

Testmoz Directed Numbers


For an alternative way to set up a simple quiz try Testmoz. No registration is required. This has been written by Matt Johnson, an undergraduate student – the instructions are all very clear and you can check out the FAQ!  (I love those FAQ! For example: I lost my quiz URL can you retrieve it for me? Answer: No). Try this test on Directed Numbers – log in as a student, the passcode is cy090610