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  1. Hi Colleen,

    Can I use my ipad as a graphics tablet? I am wondering whether I can connect my ipad to my laptop and then use ipad in combination with a stylus for drawing or writing.

    Please advise.

  2. Hi Colleen. This refers to our earlier conversation regarding a graphics tablet for online teaching. I am looking to buy a graphics tablet. I am looking for a tablet that is not very expensive and gives a very good user experience. Can you please suggest some? Also, can you please tell me what should be ideal drawing area, pen pressure level and accuracy. What should be the most important things I should look at when buying a tablet?
    Thank you

    • Thank you very much Jason, this looks good – I shall experiment and add to the post.

      Note for readers: there are various pricing plans for collaboration but the board seems to be free.

      • Hi Colleen. This list is very helpful. I have some concerns though. Could you please tell me whether I would need a digital pen to teach math online using any of these tools? Also, I have used basic version of Webex, which is free, but I feel that I need some tablet or digital pen to write equations. The tools built in the Webex are not convenient to write complex equations. Please tell me whether there is any whiteboard which is easy to teach math.

      • Sam I certainly need my graphics tablet to be able to hand write mathematics on any of these online tools; I could not cope without one! As I have said in the post these are all online whiteboards where I can use hand writing. Note the much updated post here http://colleenyoung.wordpress.com/2014/03/02/writing-mathematics-online/ I have not used Webex but it looks to me as if I would want my graphics tablet with their whiteboard if I want to be able to hand write smoothly and quickly

    • Thank you Peter, that does look interesting, the free option is very limited though. My aim here is to let people know about all the tools that it is possible to use at minimum cost! This post is so popular, I
      think I will revisit it.

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  4. Hi Colleen. Great website – I look forward to having a proper look around.

    Have you come across Vyew.com? It’s an online whiteboard & meeting / collaboration site with a free subscription option. I’ve used it for online lessons (1-2-1 and group) and even to broadcast an actual lesson from within school when a couple of A level students were off sick but wanted to take part from home! You can set up various rooms and each room is persistent between sessions, which means we have also used it as an online notice board where students can leave messages or questions for the rest of the class outside of hours. Interested to know what you and others think…

  5. One possibility would be to use JING for your screen capture, and you can audio narrate as you go. The vids can be up to 5 minutes, and depending upon whether you are using the free or paid subscription, you can save the video in either .swf or .mp4 formats. *I think the .swf files are visually crisper.

    You could use a graphics tablet with any program, probably even Paint, for actually doing the math on screen.

    • I agree Jing is excellent.
      You are quite right in that the graphics tablet works well with all these tools / programs – Paint included.

      It’s good to have a variety of tools at our disposal!

  6. another great app to use… if you have iPads is Showme
    http://www.showme.com/ Teachers (or students) can make whiteboard presentations and post them online. This could also be used as an absentee notes or presentation page. I am not sure if you can upload formats or just create them. If you can upload into show me, that would make notebook, scriblink, and other whiteboard tools inter-compatible.

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    • David I like the free groupboard (no regististration required) option. I successfully embedded one on a Wiki page. That could be useful for communicating with students.

  9. Hi Colleen! Thanks for mentioning this post of yours in a comment on my April post about Online Interactive Whiteboards. You cite some good resources here. I’ve really got to go back and update my post soon – this is a topic there’s a lot of interest in, and there’s new tools coming along steadily. Thanks again!

    • Thanks for the response Kelly.
      I agree there is a lot of interest in this topic – let’s keep investigating!

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