Examinations 2021

From JCQ Summer 2021 arrangements. This page includes several documents, including guidance on the determination of grades, guidance for students and parents and Grading Supporting Documentation. Non subject specific worked examples to assist with determining grades are provided.

Follow news releases as they happen from Ofqual, DfE and the exam boards on Twitter, using this Examinations list. For Mathematics use this mini-list for AQA, Edexcel and OCR Maths & MEI Maths. (You can follow these lists without subscribing to Twitter.)

The Exams Office publishes regular updates, available to all. This is a really useful resource and includes all their updates including from JCQ, DfE and all the examination boards. As well as AQA, OCR and Pearson you will find for example City and Guilds and International Examinations.

Latest news:

Ofqual blog 22nd April: Quality assurance for GCSE, AS and A level: information for schools and colleges

fft education datalab – Natasha Plaister

The fft education datalab blog has some excellent articles. Posts are published regularly. See for example Has a GCSE grade C/4 lost its value?and “What are the most popular subject combinations at A-Level?”. This series of posts explores national trends in A-Level, AS-Level and GCSE entries and grades

A great read for understandably anxious students from Professor Kevin Woods and psychologists at Manchester University is this article on the Ofqual Blog, “Feeling worried about grades this year is understandable. Here are some things that might help…”

Use the following links for each exam boards’ results statistics archives.

AQA Results Statistics    November 2020 statistics are in the results statistics archive.
AQA Grade Boundaries archive

OCR Results Statistics     OCR Results Statistics – November 2020 & Jan 2021

Pearson Results Statistics  Pearson Grade Boundaries

Eduqas Results Statistics (includes November 2020) WJEC Results Statistics  (includes November 2020)

AQA have created a page to provide all the updates to changes to assessment and exams in 2021.
AQA’s Get Ready for Grading includes Assessment Materials for Summer 2021.

AQA Materials GCSE Mathematics, A Level Mathematics, A Level Further Mathematics

OCR – Summer 2021 support including advice for teachers and Heads of Department and latest updates. OCR is also publishing a weekly roundup about important updates. It is possible to sign up for subject-specific updates.

Pearson Qualifications

From Pearson Qualifications we have Summer 2021 support and their latest news on International qualifications.

Mathematics and Further Mathematics Support

Wales: Examination and Assessment 2021

2021 exams in Northern Ireland

Ireland: Leaving Certificate 2021

Scotland: Scottish Qualifications Authority