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Ofqual postcard summaries.

GCSE Mathematics Subject Content GCSE_mathematics_subject_content_and_assessment_objectives
This DfE document is an excellent starting point, all exam boards must include this content.
See also Ofqual’s Conditions and  Requirements for GCSE Mathematics.
DfE Key Changes to GCSE Maths  provides the key changes and rationale for those changes.

Grade Descriptors for GCSEs graded 9 to 1: mathematics
For detail – see GCSE New Content 

Ofqual Blog 10th February 2017: GCSE maths: choosing the ‘right’ tier

The reformed GCSE maths qualifications are different to the old qualifications. They contain new, more demanding content, and have a greater focus on problem solving. So the relative demand of each tier has changed compared to the old qualifications; the bottom grade on the higher tier will be more demanding than in the old specifications, as will the top grade on the foundation tier.

From Ofqual, December 2016, note that a transcript of this session is available from Ofqual as a 5 page pdf document 
…and read the 9 to 1 news! See also Comparing like with like in 2017 and note too this statement from AQA on Grade Boundaries.

To understand students’ starting position for Key Stage 4, the documents for the previous key stages are clearly important:
UK National Curriculum Changes
See also National Curriculum UK 
and Assessment Without Levels

National Curriculum Programmes of Study September 2014 (KS1,KS2, KS3, KS4)

KS2 Sample Materials – English, Maths, Science  


For each current school year group (2016-2017) – changes to GCSEs, AS and A Levels

New GCSE and AS & A2 courses for teaching September 2016

February 2017:
Ofqual Blog on A Levels and GCSEs:
Grade Boundaries: the problems with predictions

December 2016
– from AQA Measuring Student Performance 0n measuring student performance without grade boundaries.

September 2016 – from Ofqual: How GCSE grades, including 8 and 9, will be awarded.

GCSE grades
April 2016: Setting the grade standards of new GCSEs in England

  • the overall approach to be taken to awarding GCSEs graded 9 to 1 in subjects first awarded from summer 2018
  • the approach to awarding grades 8 and 9 in relation to GCSEs in English language, English literature and mathematics.

GCSE news on GradingSee also Ben Stafford’s How will the new grading work?

From Ofqual – GCSE new grading structure.
GCSE new grading structure

A TES article ‘The revolution is coming, so what should you expect? suggested that the new GCSE ‘pass grade’ is to be 5 (even though a 4 is comparable to the current C grade). Equivalent grades are given by TES as follows (TES source JQC)

GCSE gradesGCSE grades chart

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