Fun Facts

WolframAlpha have now launched Fun Facts on Twitter. Note that you can read these facts even if you are not a Twitter user.
WolframAlpha have written on this in their own blog.

Now here’s an impressive fact from WolframAlpha on just how popular WordPress is: 

On the subject of Mathematics Fun Facts – a reminder of these sites mentioned in earlier posts.

Mudd Math Fun Facts

Tanya Khovanova’s Number Gossip

Amazing Number Facts from Madras College.

MAA NumberADay blog.

Online Whiteboards & Feedback

One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one on online whiteboards which I keep updated. Note with Screenr now retired as you will see in the updated post, Screencastomatic will allow you to achieve the same result as seen here – easily create a screencast and upload to YouTube.

This was part of some feedback on a homework task (Tethered Goat – see nrich version here).
The video has been uploaded to our class wiki (I use Wikispaces).

The wiki page includes advice on the features of  a great solution, some questions for reflection and some images of student work.

Answer Garden

Answer Garden provides a  simple and interesting way to get feedback. Responses (which must be 20 characters or less) are added to a word cloud.  Create your question, very easily (no registration is required) by entering your question and clicking Create, you can then note the url or embed code.

As people post responses the word cloud will develop. (Click on the word cloud link to give your favourite Web 2.0 tool!).  Hovering over a response gives the number of people who have made that response. It is possible to change settings such as colour but it is not necessary to do so.