Happy New Year – Part 2

Following on from Happy New Year 2019, some further resources for your classes at the beginning of 2019…

Manan Shah has given us Ten New Year’s Algebra Puzzles for 2019. These are excellent and will certainly get your students thinking.

manan shah - algebra 2019 puzzles

Manan Shah – Algebra Puzzles for 2019

Alex Bellos celebrated 2019 in his Monday Guardian column, starting with this number fact on 2019 from Ed Southall.

2019 - ed southall
Alex then provides us with two puzzles to celebrate 2019, Date Jam and Countdown conundrum. Solutions are available.

MEI has provided us with an appropriate Maths item of the month for January with some problems about the number 2019; continuing the theme from the above item one of the problems tells us that 2019 is the smallest number that can be written as the sum of the squares of 3 primes. (The two sums of squares problems got me thinking further about this, Sum of Squares Theorems from Brilliant is helpful.)

mei items of the month

MEI Maths Item of the Month Curriculum Mapping

MEI provides us with many wonderful classroom resources; the list of Maths Items of the Month is very helpfully categorised by GCSE/A level topics.

Looking at the mapping, showing I think the importance of good titles, I couldn’t resist ‘Possibly the best counter-example in the world!’ I like that, it will certainly feature in my Proof revision for Year 13!

So once again – wishing educators and students everywhere a very happy and successful 2019.

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