Resolutions for (Mathematics) Teachers

Back to schoolIt’s that time of year again – back to school we go.
Time for a revisit and update of “Resolutions for Maths Teachers”.
There are several new slides here for those familiar with the previous edition. I am happy to say that I have been keeping my own resolutions and several of the posts linked to for those have been updated.

I think this year I really want to concentrate again on making things stick and making sure I really am convinced about what they are learning – hence the ‘don’t be fooled by poor proxies for learning’ and trying RAG123.

2015-2016 Resolutions for Maths Teachers PowerPoint file
or as a pdf 2015-2016 Resolutions for Maths Teachers

Thank you to the teachers from the West Des Moines Community School District…for teachers everywhere going back to school, this is fabulous!

4 comments on “Resolutions for (Mathematics) Teachers

  1. Wow, all great ideas! A few slides that resonated with me the most are the “mindset”, “do you give students enough time to reflect?”, and the “finish the lessons well”. Currently taking classes myself, from a student point of view, I definitely appreciate professors who have a growth mindset on failures in general. They encourage us to learn from our mistakes and keep trying even though we might doubt our own abilities at times. Giving enough time to reflect is critical for me as well. Students shut down and become even more intimidated when teachers call on them right on the spot and expect the correct answer. Lastly, connecting the end of the lesson to any site or district professional development sessions that I attend, the ones that “stick” with me most are the ones with structured ending. Once again, great post! I will try my best to apply at least three strategies mentioned in the presentation during this school year.

  2. Thank you for this great post that contains so many useful ideas.
    The hyperlinks are very handy but the ones to TES resources aren’t working for me eg visual prompts. I’m trying to access them from my iPhone. Can you help please?
    Thanks again

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