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The UKEdchat Mathematics Subject Special took place on Thursday 23rd October and the Session page has been updated with the complete chat.  Note that you do not need a Twitter account to view any of the links mentioned in the slideshow or in this post.
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Storify Maths Subject Chat

I thought I would review the chat and note some interesting resources which were shared and add a few more which may be of interest. Each image of a tweet links to the appropriate site. As always I’ll qualify this with the fact that my choices here are entirely personal – they interest me and I hope will interest readers. I am making no claims that these are the best! (see Emily Nussbaum writing for The New Yorker on why she hates Top Ten Lists!)

Bell Work 1

Bell Activities
Some good ideas there that could work for any subject, I particularly like the Clever Bell Ringer Procedures – I’m sure you could be clever with post it notes for the sign in activity.

Starter Corbett
Corbettmaths – such a good site, including the starters mentioned here:

Form Time Numeracy

Form Time Ideas looks great and would make a great lesson starter

Form Time Numeracy 2

starter puzzles


I’ll second all of those. Ed’s tweet links to a KenKen solver. Also see this page for various puzzles, links are included to all the sites Ed mentions and you may find some more you like as well. For more on Find the Factors see this post.


Numeracy Shed


prime numbers
How quickly can you identify those prime numbers? This reminds me of the Sporkle site where you can test your ability to remember prime numbers or square numbers amongst many other possibilities. It is also easy to write your own quizzes.

Diagnostic Questions

Diagnostic questions – a brilliant site and new questions constantly added – for more information and how tos click the following tweet image.

Diagnostic questions



mats sticks nrich

Me too Miss H – image links to MathsSticks and more on Nrich here.

Homework ideas from JustMaths and from me:
JustMaths homework

Homework Ideas CY

 Coding is just great, image links to Scratch Junior.
See also Scratch, CodeMonkey and the Python site.

…and teach them some Excel skills!

Thank you so much to every single person who took part in the chat – it says something about you all that you take part and share ideas. 

I have mentioned many resources you may find useful in connection with many of the questions raised in the chat in my ‘Resolutions for Mathematics Teachers” reproduced here: