Sumdog – practise with those directed numbers….

….and other arithmetic skills.

Sumdog provides free numeracy games at 10 different levels. For a great way to practice adding and subtracting with negative numbers, play these games at level 10.  There is a complete list of topics at each level here. Students can choose from several games.

I like the way that the various skill levels can be restricted; the site is aimed at students aged 6 to 14 (having said that some of my Year 11 (age 15-16) students looked like they were rather enjoying themselves recently) so I want my secondary age students to practise the skills at the upper end of the age range and have currently restricted them all to levels 8, 9 and 10. It is possible to set up competitions which I have done very successfully with Year 10 as one of our many Enrichment Week activities. See the Teachers’ page, also the help section for teachers.

Sumdog are creating a library of videos to help teachers get the most out of Sumdog.

I have linked to information for students on the companion Mathematics blog for students.

You can choose to play as a guest or sign up (free) so you can save your scores and see how you improve over time. The games are all completely free to use as are several other features for teachers.

You can follow the Sumdog blog for all the latest features.