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Teachers here’s everything you need to know about getting started at Manga High.

Manga High seems well known for its games, it is also well worth investigating the excellent Prodigi quizzes available.

Hundreds of these are available offering excellent curriculum coverage. To access the resources select Challenges from the Activities menu.

The search facility offers teachers the opportunity to filter by curriculum area, age, level and whether a calculator is allowed; for example a simple search of Prodigi quizzes on Algebra gives the results as shown below. (A complete list of all quizzes is available here.)

Unlike the available games students cannot see the available Prodigi quizzes unless a teacher sets them as challenges (or you have a subscription). You can view very clear instructions on setting challenges on the Manga High website.

2 comments on “Manga High – Prodigi Quizzes

  1. It is excellent Will, I’ll be interested to hear how it goes with your classes. I like offering students a good variety of resources, it makes a change from MyMaths.

  2. Wow! I’d never heard of Manga High until I saw this post and I’m totally blown away! My school has been using MyMaths for years, but this looks much better. I love the engaging nature of the games and the ‘prodigi’ lessons that adjust to the pupils’ understanding look superb. I am particularly impressed with the analytics tools, particularly the scatter graph of effort vs achievement.

    I’m definitely going to be trialling this with my own classes soon!

    Thanks Colleen. A wonderful post!

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