22 comments on “World Maths Day Registration

    • Hi Naveedh – note that World Maths Day does not happen till October. You can preregister – select the link at the top of this post for more information.

  1. Mrs.Young I went to the website to register my son but it won’t show any registration it only shows sign in

  2. how can open the game itself to practice is it available on PC ? cause on ipad it need IOS:5 so i cant download it if there is a link from pm plz post it !!

    • Abdelrahman you are correct the ipad app requires iOS 5.0 or later. You can play on your PC though, once you have registered sign in then select the game you want (World Spelling Day, World Maths Day or World Science Day) at the top of the screen (teachers need to select ‘Participate as Adult’ should they wish to play!), choose your level and off you go!

  3. I ha major issues with not all of my students getting registered – it says that they were but then they didn’t have sign in card I tried it do many times without any luck. Any suggestions?

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