Class Tools and Stationery

Do you ever need a way of choosing a random student or perhaps a timer to display on the IWB?  There are various free resources available to help!

This random name selector by John Mclear on Primary Technology will randomly select a name from a list you can easily input. Once you have input a list of names you can then save the list as a link. It is possible to remove a name from the list once it has been chosen.

You can save a list of names so have easy access to lists of all your classes by just having the link somewhere easy to access.

Random Name Selector - Primary Technology

Random Name Selector – Primary Technology has numerous flash templates which allow teachers to create diagrams, activities and games. As with the previous random name selector the resource on also allows you to save a list of your own for easy access later. random name selector random name selector

This site also has an excellent countdown timer which gives you a choice of soundtracks of varying lengths (look for countdown timer on the menu)

You may need some specialist paper – coordinate grids, isometric or polar paper for example. This list includes several sites with excellent collections of papers and templates.

I’ll return to the subject of applets for the interactive whiteboard in another post but in the meantime if you want to toss a coin or throw a die or dice then try this coins and dice probability simulator from

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