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Update: for more on Manga High including the excellent prodigi quizzes see this post.

I have been meaning to try out Manga High, a games-based Mathematics site for a while now – particularly as it is now free to UK schools. Registration is a simple process as is signing up your students. There are many documents available for teachers – see Resources. I received a quick and supportive reply to a query I sent.

I set my very able Year 9s (age 13-14) some challenges on Quadratic Equations as we have been studying them recently and also asked them to explore the resources on the site. I asked for their views, including whether they thought this would help other students. There is no doubt that they were all highly engaged in what they were doing. I wish to explore the quizzes further as these do look promising.

So here are their first thoughts; I’ll update this as more comments come in.

Clara and Emily
We found this website very useful as it was fun yet educational, and we got very competitive playing the quizes which made us want to continue. We think that others will really enjoy this too, particularly year 7s, as it is a fun way to learn. :) We would like to keep using it!

I found this website fun and it also helped me improve. I played save our dumb planet and at first I was very slow but then I got better at it and found it easier to find the line and find points on the line. I think it would be good for other people as well maybe in the younger years.
Rachel B
I found it really fun and got very competitive. This is good as it will encourage people to work hard at it.
It was good and quite helpful but the questions were a bit hard at times, with practice though I think they would become much easier :)
I think that these quizzes are really really good – they are fun but also have taught me alot and improved my mental math skills. I think that the competitive element really pushed me to understand and improve. I think all years should try this website out especially if it can adapt to different levels.
These games are very good because they have made it a lot quicker and simpler for me to solve quadratics, they’re quite fun and addictive.
This is a brilliant website, it lets you improve your maths while also having lots of fun. Prodigi is especially good, as it’s fast and competitive and there’s a review questions button at the end so you can check where you went wrong and improve.
I liked the website as a whole and seeing that games appeal to people more than exercises, most people will use it purely for the games, rather than the lessons like MyMaths. This is good for taking a break, and improving your mental maths abilities – I definitely improved my mental maths, however if you want to learn something specifically (eg Quadratics etc) I personally would prefer using MyMaths because then I wouldn’t be distracted as much….
Younger years would definitely enjoy using this website, it’s less daunting/intimidating than some others when it comes to big scary numbers. :)
I really like it!! It teaches maths in a fun and interactive way. You also become very competitive which helps you do better.
I liked this website because it was educational and fun. The quizzes were very good, because they were related to what we were doing, and the games were fun to play as well. i found myself playing the quizzes over and over agian to get a higher score (because the medals were REALLY hard to get!). The website’s really good for practice. I also think the layout of the website was really good, and it didn’t look like one of those plain boring websites which you get put of just by looking at the dull colours! it was fun :D
I found Manga High fun and interactive. In particular I enjoyed playing Bidmas Blaster. I think I might have got too carried away playing it but I had lots of fun. :)

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