A variety of excellent classroom resources are available from Triptico. They work very well on the Interactive Whiteboard.

Update December 2010

Note that Triptico resources are now accessed from a desktop application, free to download, so an Internet connection is not required to use the resources.

New resources are being added to the desktop application.
On starting the desktop application one is automatically notified if an update is available with any new resources added to the library.

Try Find 10, perhaps as a starter. This allows you to show 15 statements, 5 of which are incorrect, students have to find the 10 correct statements.

I found I needed to experiment a little with the spacing to make sure the answer was consistently on the second line but this is very easy as it is possible to save your questions and answers in say a Word document and just load the activity. This allows you to save activities for later use.

Choose ‘Load an Activity’, then copy and paste the text from the following Word document into Triptico to recreate the activity below.
Equations Find 10 Triptico

This is an application well worth exploring. The resources include timers, a random name selector, also an excellent vocabulary activity, Word Magnets.


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