Web 2.0 tools – current favourites

In September I wrote about my Top Ten Tools.

Time to add to my own list, no particular order is implied, I use all these tools regularly, but there are certainly some important additions:

Wikispaces, which is in fact in the 2009 list mentioned in the previous post. This is free for educators, very easy to set up and for students easy to learn. Students can all edit pages making collaborative projects possible, discussions are also possible.

Storybird, I discovered this recently (thanks to Richard Byrne’s excellent ‘Free Technology for Teachers’) – great fun and easy to use. Set up an account (free) – choose your art work and get writing! I showed my Year 7 class and some of them decided they would try it. (Under 13s can sign up with parental permission). One student wrote a ‘story’ about sequences – a little editing still needed but it’s great and she was delighted that the illustrator commented.

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Wordle – using phrases

Wordle: Linear Sequences

Linear Sequences created with Wordle (www.wordle.net)

I have mentioned Wordle before – my Year 7s (11-12 year olds) really like using this to create posters.
I have only just discovered how to keep words together to create phrases using the tilde (~) character.
Thank you to Jamie Keddie for his posts (and to Sylvie Dolakova).

I have updated the LiveBinder on Wordle.

…and the last word to Emily who tried it out very quickly when she saw the details on our Wiki.